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japan's leaders nationalized the senkaku islands in the east china sea. japan controls the islands, china and taiwan claims them. he said the crew directed its weapons radar at a japanese destroyer, but they did not train artillery at the ship, said it's not clear if the chinese crew had removed the safety device on the artillery. they are interesting in creating interest. >> translator: japan is trying to tarnish china's image. it doesn't work to improve the bilateral relationship. >> chinese foreign ministry spoke person was responding to a remark by japanese defense minister. he said the use of weapons radar could be considered a threat of force under the united nations charter. china's defense ministry and other agencies are investigating the incident. she again blamed japan for months of strained ties over the islands in the east china sea. the issue is not china flexing its muscles but is really about continuous illegal activities by japanese vessels and planes in china's waters and airspace. >>> populous, prosperous, pushing ahead. china's rise, grounded wealth, power, and p
of how important china has become for the global film industry. like a lot of industries -- cars, mobile phones, everyone wants to get into china, and it is the same in the film business. china is the second largest film market after the u.s., and everyone wants to get in there because it is where the money is to be made. it has gotten so that in hollywood everyone wants their films to be played in china so they will get their scripts approved because if you do not have china nowadays, you will not make any money, and i think that is reflected even in a very respected our house festival like berlin that the future of the global industry is china. >> what can you tell us about the interest from china at the berlinale? >> obviously, "the grandmaster" is the biggest film coming out of china right now. the director is very successful and very well known in europe because most of his previous films have been very european, emotional traumas shot in a beautiful french style. this film is different. it has a bit of that, but it is a martial arts action movie, so it is an interesting combination
big. today there was another development in the ongoing standoff between china and japan in the east china seas. a day after accusing the warship of using weapons on a japanese destroyer, japan's prime minister fired back, describing it as a provocative act. he said the country's need to go back to a strategic partnership with mutual benefit. after the recent flare-up, is that possible? >> on january 30, japan says the chinese navy locked its radar on a japanese destroyer in the east china sea. about 10 days earlier, tokyo says another chinese for gates -- chinese frigate did the same to a helicopter. japan cost prime minister condemned the incident. >> at a time they are resuming talks, it is regrettable china has carried out provocative action towards japan. >> the incidents are reported to have taken place close to this group of islands in the east china sea, which japan controls but china claims as its own. for months japanese and chinese coast guard ships have been engaged in a game of cat and mouse around the islands. china has sought to assert its claims. previous incidents ha
the issue of the globe. we are seeing on this show i feel others aren't, a resurgence in china. you're well positioned. an incredible come back in latin america, particularly mexico. europe's stabilizing. i say it's good. in that environment, you have -- you have correctly placed your hotels. >> well, it's really interesting for us, our business is so dependent on economic activity, business confidence and consumer confidence. you're exactly right. january in china our rev par numbers with up 6%. that's after a slow down. the government transitions almost behind us, chinese new year will be behind us. china is picking up. latsen america was the strongest growth region, slowed down last year because of argentina. we haven't talked about africa which is another place where global capital flows are coming in in ways we have never seen before. >> let's talk about china for a moment. we see china as having a big year in 2013. a lot of people had penalized your stock, tank it down to the -- well at that point into the 50s because they felt you were overexpanding in china. you're probably as a per
in mid-january. japa controls the islands. china and taiwan claim them. >> translator: it's extremely regrettable that such a unilateral provocative action has been taken. we will strongly urge the chinese to exercise restraint and not make the situation any worse. >> a spokesperson said she learned about the incident through the media. japanese government officials say the chinese are trying to give the impression they're not behind the incidents. >>> the u.s. defense secretary says it could have had grave consequences. l leon panetta says it could inflame intentions. >> they have to be part of family of nations in that region working gether. >> panetta said the united states, south korea and japan will do everything possible to ensure their territories are secu secure. he called on china to avoid antagonizing other nations. the former secretary of state said u.s. officials oppose any unilateral moves aimed at undermining japan's control. >>> as north korea prepares to test another nuclear weapon, t south's top military commander has warned that yan may be trying to develop a hydroge
%. the trade with china is booming. i hope i'm buying low and selling high. >> how long do you think this lasts in japan? a lot of momentum going on there. >> yeah, i know. that's the problem. a lot of momentum and i'm not very good at short-term trading. why couldn't it double? why couldn't it go to 20,000 if he prints a lot of money. the yen may collapse but the stock market could go to 20,000. >> because of the valuation that we're talking about. >> he's printing money. he said unlimited. when you throw a lot of money out window, maria, somebody catches some of it. there's the wisdom tree has a whole etf, called an etf. >> yes, yes. >> dxj. >> which is neutral on the currency. >> yeah. >> that's a great way to play japan. >> they hedge out the currency. let me ask you about rates in this country because some people are worried in fact they will start to see rates creeping up. we'll see fast and furious. is that what you would expect? >> i'm short bonds. short the 30-year bond. >> when would that happen, jim, come on, this year, next year? >> i don't expect it to spike this year unless someth
saw in china sales rebounding last month, over 2% following a big drop in december. you're also joining baic motors in a joint venture there. how do you see the china sales progressing? and what percentage of your sales will now be in mainland china? >> well, we expect china to become our biggest market. last year, this was the united states. in china, we after a slowdown of our growth last year have made some decisions, including a board member for china, a new sales structure and recently the intended investment into bike. with these changes and, of course, lastly driven by our great product, we expect to regain momentum throughout this year. >> what happened in china? were you not -- should you not have been more aggressive going into that market which is clearly the growth opportunity here and where are you lagging rivals? >> well, first of all, we came many years later than our direct competitors. for about 60 years, we had a great catch up. we grew faster than our direct competitors. in 2011, we were almost at the level of one of the two competitors. 12 we lost momentum. t
and aerospace group. the company also announced measures to increase its presence in china. the german foreign minister is in the philippines on a mission to boost trade ties. berlin has had frosty relations with manila ever since a trade dispute in the 1990's. >> westerwelle said to some to put that behind the two countries and rebuild relations. germany is manila's biggest trading partner, and strong growth between the two is expected. >> it is the first time in more than a decade that a german foreign minister has paid a visit to the philippines. during talks with his counterpart in manila, the finance minister said they were eager to do more business with the pacific nation. >> the german government aims to further deepen the dynamic economic ties between our two countries through the establishment of an official german philippine chamber of commerce. in our talks, i stated that i am in favor of a free-trade agreement between the european union and the philippines. >> currently, a quarter of the population in the philippines lives in poverty, but the economy is growing fast, and there is a
those cds? thanks very much. in other news, china says it's investigating complaints in japan that one of its warships block its weapons system onto a jeapanese naval vessel. incident took place -- the incident took place in the east china sea. each side is accused of raising tensions by sending in ships and aircraft. the united nations says half of all of afghan bribes amounted to nearly $4 billion. 20 fires are burning across the island. residents are on the so-called which meanst alert, they should consider leaving the area. now, with exactly one year to go until the winter olympics in sochi, president putin has sacked one of the games' most senior organizer. he was unserious erroneously -- unceremoniously dumped after the president took a tour of the venue and asked who was responsible for the delay in the complex. thanks for being here. who exactly has been sacked? >> he is the vice president of the national olympic committee. he was overseeing the building. he is also a chairman and owner of the company at is in charge of regenerating the whole area ahead of the olympics. he is q
to china, that there were all kinds of political problems, that should not be ignored and therefore going might somehow condone it, none of which i agreed with. but i really didn't get the final go-ahead from the administration to lead the delegation until quite close to the time of the speech. now, i'd been thinking about all these issues my entire life and had certainly begun working on them as first lady. so when thinking about the speech and working on it with my team, i knew that we had to be as clear as possible because ambiguity is not our friend in making the case for women and girls because people can always try to smooth off the edges and say, "well, she didn't really say that women should vote and women should have full equality, she said we should take better care of our women." so we had to be absolutely clear. and, you know, that statement could not have been clearer. the fact that it had to be made in 1995 was somewhat discouraging. and the reaction to it was certainly gratifying to me. but it just shows how much work there was ahead of us, that a statement about humans rig
islands in the east china sea. japan controls the islands, china and taiwan claims them. he said the crew directed its weapons radar at a japanese destroyer, but they did not train artillery at the ship, said it's not clear if the chinese crew had removed the safety device on the artillery. >>> north korea appears to be preparing for a third nuclear test in defiance of international condemnation across the border in south korea, president-elect park kun-le has rallied to warn pyongyang to not go ahead with its plans. >> translator: now is the time for both ruling and opposition parties to unite and call on north korea to stop its reckless behavior. >> park met with a senior member of the largest opposition democratic united party and ahead of the ruling party. the incoming president said any further tests could hurt efforts by the south's new government to rebuild the trust with the north. park and the two lawmakers agreed to work closely to protect south korea's national security during the transition to the new government. she'll be sworn in on february 25th. >>> imagine having cutting-
of bucks. he did mention that china's getting better. we've got to file that away for the next opportunity to play china. david pyatt, total gold rush. you see, he explained to us that allergan has not just one new drug, but the possibility of a second blockbuster, an inhaled migraine fighter that his company now owns 100% of thanks to the pending purchase of mac pharmaceuticals. well, the interview broke no news, kind of like, you know, breaking news thing, it did produce something i felt that was better. a more pertinent impression, which was that pyatt's allergan's ever conservative ceo. always really conservative. when i said if i read the tea leaves right, the fact he guided analysts higher, not lower this time meant he was more bullish than usual. his readiness to agree with that. this is a conservative guy. the readiness gave you a fabulous trade. allergan went to 108 1/2 as it should have. you can hold on to up here, but $1.50 is a good day's work, depending on how much capital you put to work. while i was doing interviews, you got news out of chipotle. seemed like a not so hot les
on because the stock had run up a couple of bucks. he did mention that china's getting better. we've got to file that away for the next opportunity to play china. david pyatt, total gold rush. you see, he explained to us that allergan has not just one new drug, but the possibility of a second blockbuster, an inhaled migraine fighter that his company now owns 100% of thanks to the pending purchase of mac pharmaceuticals. well, the interview broke no news, kind of like, you know, breaking news thing, it did produce something i felt that was better. a more pertinent impression, which was that pyatt's allergan's ever conservative ceo. always really conservative. when i said if i read the tea leaves right, the fact he guided analysts higher, not lower this time meant he was more bullish than usual. his readiness to agree with that. this is a conservative guy. the readiness gave you a fabulous trade. allergan went to 108 1/2 as it should have. you can hold on to up here, but $1.50 is a good day's work, depending on how much capital you put to work. while i was doing interviews, you got news ou
between china and japan. it was revealed that the chinese vessel had lot weapons on the japanese navy. i want to hear how much you think an issue this was. >> i was just in that part of the world in the last few months. i had a chance to go to japan and visit with my counterparts in japan and discuss their concerns and then i went on to china to talk with them about their concerns as well. i believe that, especially the secaucus islands and the dispute over that, that territorial dispute, is one that concerns as -- us a great deal. it is the kind of situation where their territorial claims that could ultimately get out of hand and one country or the other could react in a way that could create an even greater crisis. we urge, obviously, both the chinese and the japanese to exercise good judgment. in the pacific, this is a big region. part of our reason to rebalance to the pacific is because we think that, in many ways, our future economic security, our trade relationships, our security relationships will be in that part of the world. and we have great allies in japan and south korea and
in china looking to monitor coverage of chinese politics. everyday, state-sponsored spies- - the majority from china-- are infiltrating key government and business computer networks inside the united states. u.s. cyber command estimates american companies are losing $250 billion a year in intellectual property. how often are they coming after us? >> it's more than daily. >> reporter: retired general michael hayden, who headed the c.i.a. and the national security agency, says cyber enemies can do much greater harm. >> most of the stuff out there now is espionage, but in a peculiar way if i can get on your network and steal your stuff i already have the ability to break your stuff. >> reporter: hayden and other security analysts warn critical systems could be knocked out in an attack launched by computer. while no u.s. infrastructure has yet been successfully targeted power grids, transportation systems and financial networks are all potentially vulnerable. until he retired last year, sean henry ran the f.b.i.'s cyber unit. is a serious cyber attack against some critical system in the u.s.
technological achievement are behind us and if other nations like china and india will surpass us or perhaps already have. some nations are creating environments so attractive to global manufacturers that companies have relocated much of their activities on foreign soil. our global trade imbalance is do growing as we export less and import more. and today the imbalance includes many high-tech products. other nations are changing their policy to become more competitive and so should we. fortunately blazing trails in to new frontiers is what america has always done best. to set the stage for the congress and to understand where america is heading, we have very knowledgeable witnesses testifying before us today. each of them understands both the public and private research and development efforts as well as where our global competitors are headed. members of the committee have the opportunity to work together on policies that will help america stay competitive. and today's hearing is the first step. that concludes my opening statement. and gentlewoman from texas is recognized. >> thank you very
of china and the ali baba situation, a very rare situation. i think they are on the right path. google, at 6.98, not too long ago. 6.98, a substantial move. too much too fast. >> i think google is throwing a bone to one of its former employees, employee number 20. that's great it's a feel-good story but at the end of the day they are the 800-pound gorilla. what am i supposed to do, ask jeeves now? >> i think you've got to buy google on a pullback, but yahoo! rk they will get back to that price nearly ten years ago. frustrating owning this stock, but i think yahoo! has the upside momentum here, not google. simple as that. >> what's the catalyst for yahoo! though? >> i don't think there is a catalyst. >> yeah. >> it's continued revenue. continued revenue streams, maria. they will continue to explore and like i said artificial intelligence. don't bet against marisa. >> a sharp cat. >> a compliment. >> dow holding steady, down 50 points. was down 134. definitely has come back. we'll see if we can make more progress as we head towards the close. >> take a look at europe. is the next problem
donald's australia is testing out table service cleat with china, glassware and cutlery. >>> and americans plan to spend more on valentine's day than last year. a man, 85 bucks and a woman, 48. it's always been expensive to be wealthy in california. but now millionaires are staring head on at a federal state income tax of 51.9%. and you guessed it, it is the highest in the nation. one saving grace for the moment, californians can deduct state tax from federal returns. >>> up next, your "early today" sports highlights. plus, meet a nasty nanny whose pension for slapping this kid just got her slapped by the law. >>> and now to some other stories that caught our eyes this morning. in new york, disturbing video shows a nanny slapping a 9-month-old for not eating. when the mother saw what was going on, she rushed home .fired the caretaker who has been charged with endangering the well fare of a child and resisting arrest. >>> in texas, 22-year-old grad student and chicken farmer has grown so close to his flock over the years, he's known around as chicken boy. he's handled the chickens for so long, h
. japan may already be arguing with china over one group a coma violence, but now it has picked another fight. -- over one group of violence. >> the weather has been very mobile across many parts of europe recently. we have seen plenty of weather systems and one of them will stick around over the next couple days, mostly this one towards the east. that will give us plenty of rainfall and a lot of snowfall through friday and into saturday as well. plenty of wintry weather in the eastern parts, and towards the west there are few clouds with rain and snow. the winter is coming down from the north, bringing slightly cooler air. looking at a top temperature in london and paris of 6 degrees. it will not feel more at all. some of the unsettled water in europe -- unsettled weather still in europe. we will still see some rain in algeria through friday. the main system edging towards the east now. a few more showers in tunisia and into the northern parts of libya and towards egypt. for most of us in egypt, through friday, it should be dry. but you will notice the wind picking up. farther east, it
? in china the police weren't very nice to them. from the stories i've heard, they're not so nice here either. that is not fair. not all policemen are alike. it's the way i feel. anyway, i better get going. see you later. - don't be late for school, henry. - am i ever late ? katherine, why isn't there any coffee ? - oh, no. the power switch must be broken again. - rosa, is jamal back there ? - he hasn't come in yet. - oh, i just remembered. jamal called last night to say he might be a little late getting in this morning. excuse me. yes ? police. what have you got there ? tools. what do you use them for ? i fix things. do you have identification, sir ? identification ? is there some problem ? - can we see identification ? - all right. my driver's license is in my wallet. i always carry it in my back pocket. it should be here. i was so tired this morning, i forgot to take it with me. our baby kept us up most of the night. - what's your name, pal ? - jamal al-jibali. where were you last night around 11:30 ? home with my wife and daughter. as i told you,
that china might... announcer: the new pbs for ipad app.
sales up by 5%. >>> meanwhile, one mcdonald's australia is testing out table service complete with china, glass ware and cutlery. do you need that for a big mac? >>> and one out of four americans plan to spend more on valentine's day than last year. a man, 85 bucks and a woman, 48. you've still got several days to get ready for valentine's day. up next. sports highlights. plus, meet a nny who slapped a kid got her slapped by the law. >>> welcome back. now to some other stories that caught our eye this morning. we start in new york where disturbing video shows a nanny slapping a 5-month-old for not eating. concerned parents installed a hidden camera. so when the mother saw what happened, she rushed home and fired the worker who is charged with resisting arrest. >>> a chicken farmer has grown so close to his flock over the years he's become known around town as chicken boy. he's handled the chickens for so long, he's even picked up their language. >> it's like i just laid an egg in this box. come lay your leg. it's -- >> quite a talent. he plans to continue his education so some day he can
forth, japan was, i guess like china is today. pivotal to the world economy. i don't know if that's fair. what japan did affected everybody's expectations. now that we are doing this and maybe they will grow faster i wonder if this will trigger more stock rises here and more investors, retail coming in. they see markets rise. what do you think? do we have reports of retail coming in? >> great question. if the yen continues to weaken, you see the nikkei move higher what does it bring in terms of the global market rally? what's the effect on other emerging market indiceses like india, china, impact europe and the u.s. indices? it's a great question and a trend to follow. >> b.k., i will go so far as to say that this japanese easy move as illustrated by the decline of its currency is helping europe. they do a lot of trading with europe. europe has not had a great stock market. if you look at the aggregate i think they are too tight in the european central bank. you have to love to like the banker. >> listen. i talked about stock and bond markets going down together. i agree. they are too ti
by china. by th but they say it is still fo under attack. i am joined by two experts i.r.a. victor a digital forensics analysts and the editor in chief and. to m. the fed story aid gets to cter me. this is the nerve center of the financial system andallsteai hackers can get to it? se >> this is just the tiep of the iceberg. it is the attack that never makes the headline and under the radar stealing information so it is much worse than the headlines you read. gerri: and the fed said nothing to see we've got it under >> keep moving.see. they probably don't know the extent, they found the source and cut it off but there is so much freedom see't happening, a big sites, assites small sites government sitestese under attack 24/7 and the itc guys see it happening but these liabilities exist oned all over their big and small serve boar but what they need to get in and. or might see the attacks on the banks, individual banks are under attack so they shut the front door if you try to get into your account you can to come to when they start stealing money? >> they are. one busines
to china. you need a china partner to connect all these markets to china to the u.s. and latin america. and this merger won't fix that problem. they're going to figure other ways of doing it. right now, their competitors have an advantage of slowing that traffic and is it's going to be huge. >> i understand there's been some disagreement from both sides as to what the potential benefits would be of this merger with regard to the cost savings and the additional revenues. do you have an estimate on how many it would save? >> you know, all of these mergers have said they're going to save the world, let alone money. in this case, i think you'll see a couple of headquarters, but ov overall, it's end to.end. the real issue is the revenue stream and the increases in revenue streams by putting these airlines together. >> american express membership miles, they work on us airways, don't work on american. what will happen? >> i don't know. they better be or i'll be ticked. >> it's a generous people. >> there's a lot of people in the audience who want to know the same thing. that's frankly all i
, there is not much they can do. their hands are tied. >> shepard: china shuts down the internet we will need them, won't we? >> that's right. >> shepard: gerri willis live for us. thanks, gerri. the boy scows say they need more time to decide whether to drop their ban on gay scouts and gay troop leaders. the national executive board met this week at its headquarters in irving texas. board members decided to put the proposal up for a vote at the organization's annual meeting which is coming up in may. speaking of the chinese. their hackers are still attacking the "wall street journal." that's according to the news corps chairman rupert murdoch who owns the journal and network. last week he treat tweet and i quote chinese were hack us or were over the weekends. executives from the "new york times" and "the washington post" say hackers got into their computer systems as well too. sources at bloomberg news managed to fight off attempted cyber attack. they are good with computers there. federal reserve says hackers infiltrated one of its internal web sites but did not effect any important operations a
is the largest of the etfs. you can joan south africa, china, brazil. that been declining the last several days. how about home building stocks? there is itb. home building stocks topped up at the end of january. historic highs and have been moving down ever since. here is a u.s. stock to watch. amazon. amazon hit an historic high. that was at the end of january and i don't remember, i think 284. and ever since then, it just has had no energy at all and we are sitting near several week lows here on amazon. i'm not saying it is a problem but it is looking topee. >> certainly. yeah. thank you, bob. see you later. >> let's go uptown and head to the nasdaq. seema mody is following big movers over there. >> apple shares bucking the downward trend and equities. we are seeing the stock up about .1%. einhorn of greenlight capital saying apple should use its cash. speaking of allocations strategy, apple outperforming the average dividend yield on the s&p 500. according to wisdom tree, apple needs to increase dividend by 5% to become the largest dividend payer in the united states. let's move on to black
that is already being waged in earnest certainly between japan and the united states, china, the united states and one set of participation in new front with europe. what do you expect to be the outcome? >> protectionism, controls, we have been here before. the depression was set off by currency wars. set off by the collapse of the reserve currency for the british pound and the u.s. dollar. of course led ultimately to the second world war. currency wars of the storm cloud which suggest there are much bigger arguments among the nation swimming. lou: at this point are you more optimistic about the growth or less? >> i am less. the stock market is traveling on the ben bernanke push. lou: and that is rather impressive at this point up 6.5% so far this year. the year is young, the number impressive as are you as always. thank you for being here. >> thank you. lou: up next to my brand-new study shows how blatantly bias the big three networks are on the issue of come a lot of issues, but so this might will focus on gun control. you will not believe it. and bruce willis says if you change one law, why
's hope for a rebound this year. at the same time economic data from china and europe has been improving, all of which could boost global energy demand. triple-a predicts prices at the pump will keep climbing, topping out somewhere between $3.60 and $3.80 a gallon this spring. but traders say if you want a quick way to know where prices are headed, watch the stock market: >> oil prices look at equity market as a proxy for demand, or future demand. we are at 14,000 in the dow, no coincidence that we are at the highs of the energy market as well. >> reporter: and the higher price of gasoline comes as workers have less take-home pay, because of the expiration of a payroll tax holiday. so will consumers be forced to cut back spending, hurting economic growth, and stock market performance? >> not necessarily, because rising gasoline prices is usually predicated on a weaker dollar or better economic activity. better economic activity would lead to higher earnings. >> reporter: wolfberg says crude prices would have to jump $10 a barrel, or roughly 10%, before there's a major hit to the u.s. eco
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hit its highest in years and china and south korea also slipped. we did get word from the european central bank which should help markets around the world and right now futures do indicate a slightly higher opening in the u.s. >>> today chevrolet is introducing its first powered vehicle and gm will unveil the chevy cruise compact which will sell for $5,000 more than the gas powered model. it is more efficient and they are calling it a strong seller for chevy. >>> a marin oyster farm is involving a judge and a deadlock. >>> and this is caught on tape, an suv plows right into a restaurant. . >>> in florida an suv crashed right into his restaurant. he moved right out the way in time. the driver, a 70-year-old woman who just lost control and she walked away with no major injuries. >>> now we know the cause of death of a woman whose body was found in the river of a santa cruz woman. the body is that of guadeloupe quart tess. she -- cortez. she was last seen swimming in the river with two men. she suffered from hypothermia and drowned in the river. the investigation continues. >>> the dr
to china town, sporting the second best record in the east. but the wiz took them down. first win over the knicks in three years. that is hard to believe. redskins in the house. trent williams, fred davis. tonight's game. first quarters. wizard on fire. the block. going the other way. check out the move, right there. spin move in the lane. up and in. had 21. second quarter. game. tied. wall pressing the issue. passes it over to temple. and, hits the three. he had 20. third quarter. knicks in front by three. they get the steal. push it ahead to carmelo. carmelo did have a nice game. led all scores with 31 points. not enough to handle the hot shooting of the wizards. in the fourth quarter. nene. to martel webster in the corner. got it. home it is. 104-5. that's what that score was there. the final, 106-96. the wizards like the verizon center. >> we're competing against every team we play against no matter who it is. we are the type of team. capable of knocking you out pretty early. but we just keep fighting. >> that's what quality nba games are made up of different teams make different r
for chinese new year a lot of people love to celebrate it. this is the biggest how the in china. you did bring some great decorations in today. pekingese ground pork. i just use the ground chicken today. what is the difference in shape. >>those are dumplings. i have chicken here. i am going to use some mushroom. it is very simple. chop some water chestnuts. add a little bit of pepper and green onions. a little bit of sugar. add a little bit of soy salt. add a n egg to hold it to gether. mix very well. ready to make. i already have some pre-made. you can use the dumpling wrappers or the wanton wrappers. either one will work. put it onto a flat surface. use one hand and tyr to hold it and put a little bit more on top. >>you leave them open like that. about 2 in of water. steam about 810-10 minutes. sprinkle a little bit of green onions. this is awesome to serve as appetizer or whole meal. call lisa very typical. that is what it is. the coding for the sesame seeds. the year of the snake. >> if you're bored in the year you need to wear red underwear. >> at his good fortune. chinese peop
, the consul general, the people's republic of china, celebrating chinese new year this sunday the year of the snake. i don't know if that is good luck year or not. i nose dragson a good year. >> extremely auspicious year. you are born in the year of the dragon -- >>> it i'm year of the dog. any idea, guys? no? >> ox. >> you're of higher stock. >> let's hope. every year to be that year. >> fix said. i would point out that the chinese consulate, saks says people from china come n ralph lauren call said russian tourist and chinese tourists driving the ralph lauren success in europe, pretty remarkable and they made a point that latin american tourists are starting to drive things. these counsuls are not idle. visas to come to our country, saks doesn't report monthly numbers. >> 1.82, beat by 3 cents, 14 billion transaction, 14% year-over-year for visa. new ceo, owning the quarter for the first time. >> wells fargo downgrade? people are thinking this group is tired? i think that the plastic -- the paper plastic is a big secular growth theme. >> that chart's >> looks like apple -- >> before
. and really reflects what looks like a little bit of acceleration in growth in china and some of the other developing markets. they all have a very strong need for capital goods. we're really the biggest supplier in the world. so i think industrials might be kind of a sleeper sector that people are very nervous about, slow economic growth but responding to these trends in developing markets and in energy. we may see them have very good returns this year. ashley: what in particular, you say health care, the large pharmaceutical companies, they're trying to come up with the next blockbuster drug. is there any company in particular that you like, margie? >> i think the big pharma companies, lilly, merck, bristol-myers. all the big pharma companies have a patent cliffs. but they seem to be on a new round of drug success in finding drugs. they have enormous room to cut costs and improve cash flow even in declining revenues. i think they all look like pretty good high quality holdings here. tracy: let's talk about the energy sector more. what in particular are you playing? pipelines, natural gas
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in the world. today we no longer emit the most carbon dioxide. china has passed us. but we have emitted the most over time. nations all over the world have implemented carbon reduction plans. some have implemented carbon pricing. many invest far more than we do in renewable energy. the united states is falling behind rather than leading. even china, today's biggest polluter, recently committed to reduce the amount of carbon it emits relative to its economic output. and in 2009, china surpassed the united states of america in renewable energy investment. looking at all of that, it is hard to imagine that those who will suffer, those who will be displaced, those who will lose their ancient livelihoods all around the world will look benevillbenevolently upon our n. it is hard to believe that they will not resent that they are forced to bear those burdens as the price of our carbon economy. one can readily imagine extremists who wish to rally disenchanted people against us, even to violence against us, finding fertile opportunity where that resentment festers. will it not be? as daniel webs
at facilities in china with weaker environmental standards and more emissions than facilities in the united states. the u.s. moreover will continue to import oil from the middle east, again on tankers, factor in the cost of trucking and railing the product to market over land, and the result, contrary to the claims of opponents, will be more emissions and a less secure distribution system without the keystone x.l. pipeline project. think about it. so we say okay, we're not going to have this pipeline, even though we have built other pipelines already. we're not going to get oil from canada. what happens? that oil goes to china, higher emissions. you are going to take it across the ocean which is greater risk than putting it in a pipeline. you will have it refined in refineries in china which have much worse emission standards than our own. and guess what we get to do. we don't get the jobs, we don't get the tax revenues. you know what we do get to do? we get to continue to import our oil from the middle east. how does that sound? is that a good idea with what's going on in iran and with wha
to the largest airline in china. while in washington, d.c., ntsb chairman debby hurzman said investigators think they know what caused the fires. >> this investigation has demonstrated that a short circuit in a single cell can propagate to adjacent cells and result in smoke and fire. >> but they can't explain yet why there's a short circuit. hurzman says it will be weeks before an interim report is ready, which means the grounding will continue to last at least that long. >> the decision to return the 787 to flight will be made by the faa, not the ntsb. >> she did ask the faa to reconsider the recertification process for the battery, which she says is unique to the 787. for its investigation, the ntsb is focusing on the into theory fire on a dreamliner that landed in boston in january. and boeing technicians were paying particular attention to the battery on the dallas to washington flight that arrived without incident and still without knowing how much longer the dreamliner will be grounded. >>> a mother turns on the nanny cam and sees her 5-month-old baby being slapped. we'll tell you what hap
station because we were deep in the jungle and there is a lot of clouds and you just go very softly china located again. then you don't want to move the radio. so you're in opera positions just listening. when they call your name and mentioned a name, your heart always counts. >> this is a written message from my family recorded 10 years ago when my dad was held captive. my stepmom made this tape is sent to the radius station, hoping he would hear it wherever he was. she calls him by his nickname lumpy. >> my lumpy ♪ from this moment life has begun ♪ >> she chose one of the favorite love songs for the message. [speaking spanish] she says every time she hears it she thinks of him intensely. she asks if he can imagine how much they will enjoy making up for lost time. then she introduces my little sister. >> [speaking spanish] >> a little sister says she hopes he comes back soon safe and sound. and that he will be very, very, very hungry so they will have his favorite, eggs and sausage, waiting for him read then my brother comes on. [ speaking spanish] >> he says he is the goalie on the
of the china cabinet. didn't know what to do with them. don't know anything about them. and will my daughter want them? i suspect she will, because these are really nice. they're very pretty things. made by a bohemian glass company called loetz in about 1905. using their iridescent papillon effect, papillon french for butterfly, creating this very intense butterfly wing effect, which is further embellished by silver plating it. by painting this with a substance, and depositing silver on the rim and this very, very strongly art nouveau trellis effect. you must like 'em. they are quite pretty, now i come to look at them. i think you're gonna find them even prettier when i tell you that the pair of 'em are worth about £800. so my daughter will definitely be interested. she's gonna love 'em. that's her birthday present sorted then, isn't it? the thing about something like this is that it immediately states what it is. and that is, to me, arts and crafts. that's what i thought it might be, but i wasn't too sure. so is something that you bought because you liked it, or it's in the family or...? i
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